• Trying is always enough

    I did my best to fix you

    I did my best to fix my family

    And I did my best to fix me

    But as you can see

    I failed miserabily

    I tried so hard I lost my sanity

    I tried so much I destroyed my body

    But you never tried to understand me.

    I wasn't special, I wasn't pretty,

    But I loved you tenderly

    Even when you used to reward me

    With spikes, thorns and anger spree.

    I underwent it patiently

    Feeling the pressure growing constantly.

    And as I bursted and rebelled finally

    You welcomed me with anger and animosity

    Now please excuse-me

    That I tried to break free and to save my sanity

    Since you cared so little about me.

    « I thought you cared. Pour tout te dire »

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